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UFC Information and Ticket Facts

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has come to Houston and set it's venue for the Toyota Center. The UFC is the top fighting championship within the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, an up and coming sport that has made its way into the mainstream. Houston is now one of a few cities to host the UFC's massive events, which sells out wherever it goes. You must plan in advance or take advantage of MyTicketin to get UFC Tickets before it sells out. Like their name suggests, almost all UFC events have at least one championship fight at a wide variety of weight classes from Bantaweight (135 lbs) to the massive Heavyweights (Maximum 265 lbs).

UFC fights are a combination of kick-boxing stand-up with grappling/wrestling to create a very dynamic and exciting fight for fans who appreciate any style of competitive fighting or martial arts. These fighters are world-class athletes from all over the world and are experts in many styles of fighting; many are former champion boxers or kick boxers, while others are advanced black belts and champions of martial arts such as Jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai.

UFC History

Founded in 1993 the UFC was started by Art Davie, Rorion Gracie, and Robert Meyrowtiz due to a long-held curiosity by many people around the world, which fighting style was the best? Their intention was to bring the best of various styles of fighting into tournament style events and see which style came out on top. As an example, UFC 1 had 8 fighters who fought each other round by round till only one was left, and it included: kickboxers Patrick Smith and Kevin Rosier, savate fighter (French military self-defense) Gerard Gordeau, karate expert Zane Krazier, shootfighter Ken Shamrock, sumo wrestler Teilu Tuli, Boxer Art Jimmerson, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black-belt Royce Gracie.

Although the UFC tournament was not to intended to be continued as a series, the success of the first tournament spawned more and more events. As the UFC continued it went through many transformations. Instead of a tournament where several fighters would fight multiple times per night the UFC transitioned into single ‘Superfights' between top fighters. These ‘Superfights' are now the only feature of UFC events, and are now timed for 5 minute rounds with a set of judges in the case of a fighting lasting more than the allotted time. The UFC instituted weight classes and worked with government backed organizations to gain a wider acceptance for the sport they were creating. Eventually the UFC created the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts and began to be sanctioned by multiple local governments, and saw increased acceptance in the mainstream media.

Since then the UFC has grown in popularity, selling out arenas around the US and the world, as well as making larger and larger strides into main-stream media. Starting with the debut of their reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) (2005) on SpikeTV, the UFC began to take off and aired many more seasons of TUF along with several other UFC related programming, and even aired live fights on SpikeTV. The UFC's contract with SpikeTV has run out, but that only comes with a transition to a 7 year deal with FOX to air live events, and continue new seasons of the still successful TUF series with a new format.

Now the UFC boasts sold out arenas, and pay-per-view numbers reaching into the millions, and its popularity has yet to cease growing.

UFC Tickets

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Date Location Event    
Jun 25
7:00 pm
Chesapeake Energy Arena
Oklahoma City, OK
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship View Tickets Sell
Jul 08
T-Mobile Arena
Las Vegas, NV
UFC 213 View Tickets Sell
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship Reviews
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Christian Winget from Woodlands, TX said...
I am PUMPED for UFC 136. Kenny Florian is one of my favorite fights and I can’t wait for him to take Aldo down a notch. And I already got my tickets from MyTicketIn after Toyota center sold out of the section I wanted.
Bottom line: Christian Winget would recommend this event to their best friend
UFC is back !
UFC Freak from Houston said...
If you don't have your UFC 136 tickets you are going to miss out on a crazy night. I went to the last UFC fight in the Toyota Center and had a blast. Highly recommended.
Bottom line: UFC Freak would recommend this event to their best friend
Kathrine from Houston, TX said...
Just got lower level seats to UFC 136 at the Toyota Center as a gift for my boyfriend and he is so psyched! So glad I found this site, I couldn't find these anywhere else!
Bottom line: Kathrine would recommend this event to their best friend
GSP Fan from Las Vegas! said...
I have been a fan of MMA for as long as I can remember! I was fortunate to see GSP's last fight thanks to myticketin. And even though it was last minute, my seats weren't half bad!
Bottom line: GSP Fan would recommend this event to their best friend
Jimbo Slice! from Atlanta said...
I just found great seats for reasonable prices on for UFC 145! I am so excited to see Rashad Evans pound Jon Jones face in!!
Bottom line: Jimbo Slice! would recommend this event to their best friend

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David S.

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